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US startup claims to have made 1st 'no charging' solar EV

The closest most electric vehicles come to operating without a plug is aftermarket wireless charging pads. But Aptera, the company behind the three-wheeled electric vehicle of the same name, is making bolder promises. The latest is a promise that you'll never have to plug your car in, ever, thanks to solar panels and a slippery, aerodynamic design. There are caveats galore with this claim, of course, with the biggest one being that the car isn't yet ready for test drives, much less customer sales. Second, Aptera is saying that the hyperefficient trike can get, at most, 44 miles of range from the sun, and that's on a bright Southern California day. That's more than the national average (which is 29 miles a day), but still something to consider.

News source ~ Carand