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Delhi's AQI improves to 'moderate' amid change in wind direction

Improved wind speed on Friday helped Delhi breathe relatively cleaner air as the air quality index (AQI) improved to moderate category, just two days after it had slipped into the severe zone.The air quality index reading at 7am on Friday was 143, in the moderate category. According to the Central Pollution Control Board’s (CPCB) 4pm bulletin on Thursday, the average AQI stood at 302 compared to 413 on Wednesday and 379 on Tuesday. The levels of particulate matter (PM) also came down significantly. On Thursday evening, the PM 10 (coarse dust particles) levels reduced to 218ug/m3 as compared to 410 ug/m3 at the same time the previous day. The PM 2.5 levels (the most harmful aerosols in Delhi’s air) also came down to133 ug/m3 from 243ug/m3 on Wednesday.

News source ~ HT