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Flipkart acquires Bengaluru-based AR startup Scapic

Flipkart Group acquires 2018 Tech30 AR startup Scapic By Sindhu Kashyaap|17th Nov 2020 Flipkart Group has acquired Bengaluru-based AR startup Scapic, which was selected by YourStory among Tech30 startups in 2018. Flipkart said it aims to work with the company to enhance its immersive shopping experience capabilities.

The Flipkart Group on Tuesday announced it has acquired Bengaluru-based AR startup - Scapic. With this acquisition, Flipkart aims to enhance its shopping experience capabilities. The 2018 Tech30 startup has built a unique SaaS cloud platform that allows users to create and build VR and AR experiences through a web browser. Scapic is already serving clients across marketing and ecommerce verticals. A 100 percent acquisition, Scapic's team will be joining Flipkart.

News source ~ Your Story