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We'll make Ayodhya glorious on world map as Vedic city: UP CM Yogi

As Ayodhya celebrated its fourth-ever Deepotsava, creating a world record by lighting more than 5.84 lakh earthen lamps (diyas) at one place, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said people of the city had suffered a lot of “injustice and humiliation” to get a grand Ram temple built. He promised to put Ayodhya on the map “as a Vedic City”.

“There has been a lot of injustice and humiliation for Ayodhya, which gives salvation to both birth and life. But now this will not happen. Ayodhya will get its long lost pride. We will make it glorious on the world map as a Vedic City,” Adityanath said in his address to Hindu saints and Ram devotees after the symbolic coronation of Hindu deity Ram amid chants by priests.

News source ~ Indian Epsress