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Most memorable 15 seconds: First Indian to ride a hyperloop

It is official. Pune-based Tanay Manjrekar is the first Indian to ride a HyperLoop, a technology that could revolutionise high-speed travel in the future. On Tuesday, as he stepped out of a pod at Virgin’s test facility in Las Vegas, United States, Manjrekar knew he had made history. In 15 seconds flat, the test pod had accelerated to 170 kmph, covering 400 metres in a jiffy.

“The HyperLoop pod accelerated to 0.9Gs in 6.4 seconds before decelerating and stopping. The ride was very smooth. It was the most memorable 15 seconds of my life,” Manjrekar later told DH. The DevLoop test facility in Las Vegas is 500m long, but Virgin HyperLoop has proposed to build a larger certification facility in West Virginia. The corridor length is expected to be over six miles. Trained for several months on the project, Manjrekar knew the ride was the real thing.

News source ~ DH