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Renowned Kuchipudi Dancer Sobha Naidu Dies In Hyderabad Hospital

Renowned Kuchipudi dancer Sobha Naidu died this morning at a hospital in Hyderabad (File)Renowned Kuchipudi dancer Sobha Naidu, a recipient of Padma Shri and numerous other awards, died in Hyderabad today.Sobha Naidu, who was in her sixties, was undergoing treatment at a private hospital.

She died around 1 am this morning, sources close to her told news agency Press Trust of India.Sobha Naidu's major achievements include choreography and presentation of Ballets Vipranarayana, Kalyana Srinivasam and many others, in which she was the main protagonist and portrayed various roles like Satyabhama, Devadevaki, Padmavathi, Mohini, Sai Baba, and Goddess Parvati which won her great appreciation.As a Guru (teacher), she trained a number of students from India and abroad.Her performances have also won accolades overseas.

News source ~ NDTV