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Apple iPhone 12 Launch Today: Everything We Think We Know So Far

Apple is all set to launch the new iPhone 12 series of smartphones tonight. The launch will kick-off at 10:30PM IST on October 13, less than a month after the company launched two new iPad and Apple Watch models. This year's launch routine has come a little later than Apple's usual iPhone launch which takes place in September every year, owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. Apple had indicated that the iPhone 12 launch "will be delayed by a few weeks" during the summer earlier this year.

Since today is the day Apple sets all rumours to rest, let us take a look at all that have come up about the upcoming iPhone 12 series. Given the amount of attention Apple's iPhones gain every year, it is only natural that there has been no dearth of rumours and reports for the iPhone 12 series. From the price, to the design, to the specifications, almost everything about the iPhone 12 has been "leaked" in the past few months.

News source ~ News18