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India’s health budget fourth lowest in world, accoring to Oxfam

(This story originally appeared in on Oct 11, 2020)NEW DELHI: Afghanistan and India set aside the same share for health in their budgets, 4%, just above a quarter of the recommended spending and one-third of what the second poorest country in the world, Burundi, did. And that may have affected how far people were shielded from the Covid-19 outbreak, the latest ‘Commitment to Reducing Inequality Index 2020’ by international charity Oxfam says. Globally, the report found, only 26 of the 158 countries surveyed were spending the recommended 15% of their budgets on health.

“Nigeria, Bahrain and India, (the last of) which is currently experiencing the world’s fastest-growing outbreak of Covid-19, were among the world’s worst performing countries in tackling inequality going into the pandemic,” the Oxfam statement said. The survey data show India spent less than 4% of its budget on health and ranked 155th on the health spending index.

News source ~ Economic Times