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COVID-19 failings could set back Asian football, union boss warns

HONG KONG: Asian football risks throwing away years of progress if leagues and clubs fail to look after their players during the coronavirus pandemic, the head of the global footballers’ union has warned.Talent pools will dwindle and foreign imports will dry up if players continue to face pay cuts and instability, said FIFPro General Secretary Jonas Baer-Hoffmann.He highlighted the example of Indonesia, saying a “unilateral decision” to slash players’ wages by three quarters had caused “quite severe hardship.”“If it’s not a sustainable career, people will simply stop. That’s the reality,” Baer-Hoffmann said.“But also I think more broadly there’s something at stake in terms of being a desired destination for foreign players,” he added.

“These are destinations that players may be fearful of going to if they can’t be certain that they receive their wages, if they can’t be certain about clubs respecting their contracts, if they can’t be certain about the league operating effectively.”Baer-Hoffmann said players around the world had been thrown into uncertainty by the coronavirus, which closed down most professional sport for months.

News source ~ Arab News