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Fuel Tank Fire And Explosion Kills Four In Beirut

The fire took hold in an underground premises where there was also petrol, a security sourceAn explosion and a fuel tank fire in the Lebanese capital Friday killed four people, rescuers said as panic spread in a city already ravaged by a monster blast in August.A Beirut television station said more than 30 people were hurt in the conflagration, with a medical source adding that three children were hospitalised with burns.Firefighters using mobile ladders evacuated people from buildings in the bustling district of Tariq al-Jdide.

"The number of victims increased to four," the Lebanese Red Cross said on its Twitter account, updating the toll from two dead.Red Cross Secretary General Georges Kettane added that the "were injured transported to hospital", the national news agency ANI reported.Lebanese television Al-Jadeed reported that more than 30 people were injured as it broadcast images of flames in a street and sounds of people screaming in panic.The state-run news agency said a fuel tank exploded, sparking a fire and causing casualties.

News source ~ NDTV