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Why you need vitamin C for immunity this season

The current health crisis along with changing seasons makes is imperative that we focus on our diets and fitness. To keep healthy, one needs to exercise regularly, sleep well, drink adequate water and have a diet which is rich in all nutrients and also powerful antioxidants, especially vitamin C, says Sushant Raoranem, co-founder-director, Adroit Biomed Pvt Ltd. A recent study by Bengaluru’s Indian Institute of Science (IISC) suggests that vitamin C encumbers and kills Mycobacterium smegmatis, a non-pathogenic bacterium. In addition to health problems, vitamin C also helps combat any fungal infections of the skin and nails.

It is prudent to consume, therefore, at least 500mg of vitamin C on a day-to-day basis as it helps in advancing immunity, and plummeting the brutality and duration of common cold, flu and infections from viruses, he advises. Here are some benefits of vitamin C which help us keep a check on our health Reduces the risk of chronic diseases Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can strengthen your body’s natural defences. Antioxidants are molecules that boost the immune system by protecting cells from harmful molecules called free radicals.

News source ~ Indian Express