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‘Chhota Bheem’: The Indian superhero toddler goes global

It was a quest worthy of a superhero. Animator Rajiv Chilaka spent years flogging his pitch about a superhuman Indian child to Western executives, to no avail.But today Mighty Little Bheem is a global hit, as viewers seek alternatives to white-dominated storylines.From his mother’s sari, clothing worn usually by Indian women, to his love of laddoos, sweets popular in the Indian subcontinent, everything about the star toddler is Indian.His giant fan base stretches from Seattle to Sao Paulo, making it Netflix’s most popular show for preschoolers.Since its launch last year, it has been seen by more than 27 million households.

It was Netflix’s top international release of 2019 in the United States, and a third season is now under way.But the nappy-wearing superhero’s journey from the southern Indian city of Hyderabad to Hollywood was not easy.“I was thrown out of every office I went to,” said Chilaka, who originally approached US television channels with the hope of taking Chhota Bheem (Little Bheem) – his popular Indian show about a nine-year-old village boy with superhuman strength – global.

News source ~ Al Jazeera