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Rape, murder accused out on bail kills another man to fake his own death

Aman who was accused of murder and a rape, killed another man while out on bail in order to fake his own death. The accused, identified as Raj Kumar, wanted a new lease of life in order to get away from the pending criminal cases against him. According to the police, Kumar hatched a plan to fake his own death by killing another man, mutilating his face and placing his own Aadhaar card on him so as to trick the police into thinking that it is Kumar who has been killed.

As per a report in The Times of India, Kumar approached an alcoholic in a dingy liquor shop in Bulandshahr and offered to give him money and his clothes. The gullible victim accepted it readily. Kumar, with the help of his wife and an accomplice, took the man to a forest near Bulandshahr's Chatari area and killed him. He also planted his Aadhaar card in the body and disfigured its face, beyond recognition with a chemical.

News source ~ India Today