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90% of young Saudis get their news via social media: Survey

Nine out of 10 young Saudis get their news from social media, a new survey has revealed.That represents a sharp rise in the number of young people in the Kingdom relying on platforms such as Twitter and WhatsApp, rather than more traditional news outlets. Four years ago, only 14 percent used social media as their main news source. The survey, based on a 50/50 split between men and women, also shed interesting light on the changing consumer behavior.

The survey also found that 87 percent of young Saudis do their shopping online, another big jump in just a short space of time, which has been accelerated in recent months by the COVID-19 pandemic. The government’s handling of the pandemic was approved by an overwhelming number of young Saudis, with 91 percent strongly in favor of the measures taken to protect public health.

News source ~ Arab News