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Trump and Biden offer clashing visions for economy

WASHINGTON: One US presidential candidate wants to raise taxes, the other lower them. One will pursue an ongoing trade war, the other may throttle back tensions. And neither will get much done without Congress’ approval.The proposed economic policies of President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden offer starkly different views of the world’s largest economy and its global role, ahead of the tense Nov. 3 election. Biden’s agenda is aimed at poorer Americans and includes a number of policies that would mark a sharp departure from Trump’s time in office, while building on the policies of Barack Obama, whom he served as vice president.Trump, by comparison, has offered what analysts complain are few details on his plan, other than a vow to bring back the comparatively good economy and the record low employment Americans experienced until March, when the pandemic ended that

tform in which there’s a lot more skepticism toward free trade,” he said. “The tools to get there are different.”

News source ~ Arab News